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It’s already been a few months into 2018 and the boys have done phenomenal work, not only shooting a music video for their new upcoming song ‘Is She Really Going Out with Him’, but also featuring the gorgeous Miss Jorgie Porter, who managed to even make cool-guy Alex break a sweat. 

(White Eskimo on set with Miss Jorgie Porter)

Not only have the boys successfully made a stunning video, but have gotten gigs all around the UK, so everyone can enjoy their hyperactive and gripping performances. 

The band have gained new guitars, all of which they refuse to put down, so be expecting some new songs too!

One of the most exciting things to happen so far this year was when the band were invited to play at the infamous Cavern Club, known for presenting the legendary band; The Beatles.

(The Beatles – Cavern Club, Liverpool)

Although the original Cavern building was demolished in 1973, but a new Cavern was rebuilt, reopened and has embraced White Eskimo. Their first live performance was on 17th February 2018. They played to a packed house, who came from far and wide.

With such a high reputation to live up to, the lads were a tad nervous, but within seconds had the crowd cheering and dancing, so much so it was like a flashback to the 1960s. So impressed were the owners, they’ve asked White Eskimo back for more. Keep an eye out for all Cavern Club dates coming soon!

(White Eskimo – The Cavern Club, Liverpool)

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