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Here are the most asked questions from White Eskimo fans!

Question 1:
Are you all single?
All: Yes. Call us!

Question 2:
Who are your heroes?
Will: Travis Barker, Elvis and Dave Grohl.
Marcus: Slash.
Rob: Bruce Springsteen.
Alex: David Bowie and John Bonham.

Question 3:
Who writes all of your songs?
All: All of us!

Question 4:

Who came up with the idea of wearing suits?
All: The suits chose us!

Question 5:
Who is your ideal woman or man?
Will: D.J Tiger Lily.
Rob: Dua Lipa.
Marcus: Jennifer Aniston.
Alex: Scarlett Johansson.

Question 6:
What’s your favourite White Eskimo song?
Will: ‘Save Me’.
Rob: ‘A Little Bit of You and Me’.
Marcus: ‘Lipstick’.
Alex: ‘I Believe in Love’.

Question 7:
What’s your favourite venue that you’ve played?
Will: The Cavern Club.
Rob: Brixton O2 Academy.
Marcus: Same as Rob!
Alex: The same as Will.

Question 8:
Which venue would you like to play at?
Will: Madison Square Garden.
Rob: Wembly , obviously!
Marcus: Download Festival main stage.
Alex: Same as Marcus!

Question 9:
What’s your favourite food?
Will: John’s Pizza, New York (if you know, you
Rob: A good burger.
Marcus: Mexican Pizza!
Alex: Gotta be pulled pork nachos.

Question 10:
Do you prank each other?
Will: Yeah, loads! Our favourite prank was when we
played Buckaroo on a sleeping Alex.

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